‘Milk of Magnesia’ is a suspension of

‘Milk of Magnesia’ is a suspension of : 

(1) magnesium sulfate 

(2) magnesium carbonate 

(3) magnesium hydroxide 

(4) magnesium chloride 

Answer: (3) Magnesium hydroxide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Mg(OH)2. As a suspension in water, it is often called Milk of magnesia because of its milk-like appearance. The solid mineral form of magnesium hydroxide is known as brucite. Magnesium hydroxide is a common component of antacids and laxatives; it interferes with the absorption of folic acid and iron. Magnesium hydroxide has low solubility in water, with a Ksp of 1.5×10–11; however, all of the magnesium hydroxides that do dissolve dissociates.

‘Milk of Magnesia’ is a suspension of :   (1) magnesium sulfate   (2) magnesium carbonate   (3) magnesium hydroxide   (4) magnesium chloride

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