Where is Brihadeshwar Temple situated?

Where is Brihadeshwar Temple situated? 

(A) Kanchi 

(B) Madurai 

(C) Shri Shailan 

(D) Tanjore 

Answer: (D) The Brihadeshwar Temple at Thanjavur (Tanjore) in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva and a brilliant example of the major heights achieved by Cholas in Tamil architecture. It is a tribute and a reflection of the power of its patron Raja Raja Chola I. It remains India’s largest temple and is one of the greatest glories of Indian architecture. The temple is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Great Living Chola Temples.” 

Where is Brihadeshwar Temple situated?   (A) Kanchi   (B) Madurai   (C) Shri Shailan   (D) Tanjore

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