Name the clan Buddha belonged to

Name the clan Buddha belonged to 

(A) Gnathrika 

(B) Maurya 

(C) Sakya 

(D) Kuru 

Answer: (C) Shakya was an ancient tribe (janapada) of the Indian Subcontinent in the 1st millennium BCE. In Buddhist texts, the Shakyas, the inhabitants of Shakyajanapada, are mentioned as a Kshatriya clan of Gota ma gotra. The most famous Shakya was Gautama Buddha, a member of the ruling Gautama clan of Lumbini, who is also known as Shakyamuni Buddha, “sage of the Shakyas”, due to his association with this ancient kingdom. The Puranas mention Shakya as a king of the Ikshvaku dynasty 

Name the clan Buddha belonged to   (A) Gnathrika   (B) Maurya   (C) Sakya   (D) Kuru

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