Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by

Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by 

(1) Reflection 

(2) Conduction 

(3) Radiation 

(4) Convection

Answer: (3) The radiation (light, heat, etc.) travels through the intervening 150, 000,000 kilometres in 8 minutes. Radiation is a process in which energetic particles or energetic waves travel through a vacuum, or through matter-containing media that are not required for their propagation. Waves of a massive medium itself, such as water waves or sound waves, are usually not considered to be forms of “radiation” in this sense. By contrast, gravitational waves, which are waves of space-time itself, qualify as a type of radiation. By contrast, most non-ionizing radiation is harmful to organisms only in proportion to the thermal energy deposited and is conventionally considered harmless at low powers which do not produce significant temperature rise. 

Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by   (1) Reflection   (2) Conduction   (3) Radiation   (4) Convection

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