Ganhadra school of art came into existence in

Ganhadra school of art came into existence in 

(A) Hinayana sect 

(B) Mahayana sect 

(C) Vaishnava sect 

(D) Shaiva sect 

Answer: (B) The Gandhara school of art is mainly related to Mahayana Buddhism, which encouraged image worship. The Kushan kings, particularly Kanishka, encouraged the Gandhara artists. The Gandhara sculptures have been found in the ruins of Taxila and in various ancient sites in Afghanistan and in West Paki stan. They consist mostly of the images of the Buddha and relief sculptures presenting scenes from Buddhist texts. A number of Bodhisattva figures were carved out. A figure of Gandhara shows the first sermon in the deer park and the death of the Buddha. In all these figures, there is a realistic treatment of the body although it is draped. In these sculptures, there is a tendency to mould the human body in a realistic manner paying great attention to accuracy and physical details, particularly in the presentation of muscles, moustaches, etc. Also, the representation of the thick bold fold lines forms a distinct characteristic. Thus the Gandhara sculptures offer a striking contrast to what has been discovered elsewhere in India. 

Ganhadra school of art came into existence in   (A) Hinayana sect   (B) Mahayana sect   (C) Vaishnava sect   (D) Shaiva sect

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