The device used for producing electric current is called -

The device used for producing electric current is called -

(A) Generator

(B) Galvanometer

(C) Ammeter

(D) Motor

Answer: (A) Generator

The device used for producing electric current is called -

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Question: The best malleable metal is -

(A) Aluminum

(B) Silver

(C) Gold

(D) Lead


Question: The early attempt to classify elements as metals and non-metals was made by -

(A) Mendeleev

(B) Lother Meyer

(C) Lavoisier

(D) Henry Moseley


Question: The magnet is strongest near the -

(A) Poles of the magnet

(B) Ends of the magnet

(C) Centre of the magnet

(D) On equator point from the poles of the magnet


Question: Which is the device used to detect and measure small electric currents in a circuit?

(A) Transformer

(B) Galvanometer

(C) Thermometer

(D) Electromagnetic Induction


Question: The lowest temperature at which an oil gives sufficient vapours to form an explosive mixture with air is known as -

(A) Flash Point

(B) Smoke Point

(C) Explosive Point

(D) Acidic Flux


Question: The value of G in the formula for gravitational force depends on -

(A) Mass of the earth only

(B) The radius of the earth only

(C) Both mass and radius of the earth

(D) Neither mass nor the radius of the earth


Question: When a hanging carpet is beaten with a stick, the dust particles in it start coming out of it. This phenomenon can be explained by making use of -

(A) Newton's first law of motion

(B) Newton's second law of motion

(C) Newton's third law of motion

(D) Newton's law of gravitation


Question: The numerical ratio of displacement to distance for a moving object is -

(A) Always Less than 1

(B) Equal to 1 or more than 1

(C) Always more than 1

(D) Equal to 1 or less than 1


Question: Milk of Magnesia is a -

(A) Colloid

(B) True solution

(C) Homogeneous Mixture

(D) Suspension


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